The funny thing about online dating, is that most people seem to get into it with the idea that they’ll throw up a profile and suddenly they’ll start getting hits from members of the opposite sex right away and that they really do not have to do much in order to get the attention that [...]

How to get a girl to like you enough to date you is the key to any subsequent relationship you may have with her. This article shows you how. 1. Make it easy for girls to like you. Can I take it that you’ren’t shooting yourself in the foot by actually making it difficult for [...]

Men always look for ways or want to learn how to impress a woman. The people who do not know will buy expensive cars, wear gaudy jewelry, or just brag about themselves. This is not impressive, this is trying too hard to impress. Impressing a woman is something you may not know, but it sometimes [...]

Ever since mentioned in ‘The Game’ by Neil Strauss, the October Man Sequence has become somewhat of a legend. It purportedly is able to make a woman want to go to bed with a man in as fast as fifteen minutes. On the perhaps negative side, it’s also known to make stalkers out of the [...]

Is there a girl you like, but you do not know how to get her to love you? How do you get a girl to love you? Is there a secret to falling in love with a girl? There is no secret to falling in love, it has happened to millions of people and love [...]

How can you be sure if a person is really attracted to you? It’s not okay to easily jump into your own conclusions but you can’t simply ask the person, right? If you have spent sleepless nights thinking of these things, worry no more for there is a tell-tale way of knowing if someone is [...]

One of my male friends asked me about the best places to meet women recently, so I took a quick poll amongst my single girlfriends to see where they’d met the guys they have dated over the last couple of years. Most of my crowd have met a guy at dancing at some time. There [...]

Did you hear some guy use some love pick up lines? Did it actually get him the chance to the girl he was talking too? What other ways do you think that actually help in getting a gal’s attention? The first few interactions with a lady are one of the most crucial things in a [...]

Well, here is the secret in a nut-shell: women think about and process language DIFFERENTLY. We men tend to process words and language through the left brain. But scientific studies, using brain scans have shown that women process the same words and phrases using the left AND right brains; that the same language that evokes [...]

As the song of Nazareth goes, love hurts. Yeah, that’s true. Love is the sweetest thing you could ever feel in this world but when it is gone, it could also give you the bitterest experience ever. Are you now living your life as a single lad when your girlfriend broke up with you? Then [...]