How to Tell If a Man Wants More Than Just a Hook Up With You? Learn If He Wants to Be Serious

When you’re with a guy then you would want to know if it’s a casual hook up or is there more to your relationship. Here are a few ways to find out if a man wants more than just a hook up from you.

He’ll treat her with respect When a man is looking for a relationship then he’ll treat her with dignity and respect. When a man treats the woman with respect he tries to show to her that he values her. She’s not just a thing for him in his life. And he does all this only because he wants more than just a hook up.

Please make sure to examine this information with great care, the case and the fixes have many different variations. He’ll be interested in her for long If a man is interested in a relationship and not just a casual hook up then he’ll show his interest in her for long. He’ll not treat her casually and will try to make sure that she’s having a good time.

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He’ll want to see her often A man will also want to see the woman he likes often when he wants more than a hook up. He’ll plan long and elaborate dates with her. He’ll also make sure that if need be he can get even a glimpse of her. On a busy day he’ll at least try to meet her for a coffee if not anything else.

He’ll look for excuses to call her randomly When a man likes a woman enough he wants to talk to her and hear her voice. If you see a guy calling you often for no apparent reason and end up having long conversations then it’s evident that he wants more than just a hook up.

He’ll be chivalrous and charming A man will also try to impress a woman with his charm when he wants more than just a casual hook up. When a man is genuinely interested in a woman he’ll be chivalrous with her and make her feel special. All these are signs that he wants more from the relationship and not just a casual hook up.

He gives the woman a lot of importance If a man wants something more than a hook up he’ll end up giving the woman a lot of importance. Her views and opinions will matter a lot to him.

He thinks of ways to make you happy Finally, when a man wants more than a hook up he’ll look at all the possible ways to make the woman he likes happy by doing sweet and thoughtful things for her.

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Are men even supposed to be attracted to most of the women we hook up with (in clubs and parties and such)? I was thinking that I rarely (though certainly it happens) see attractive women in night clubs or other social gatherings. Of those attractive women most invariably are accompanied by a date. So obviously it’s a very small number of attractive (women who are considered by a majority consensus to be 8.5 + on a scale to 10) available women in a given night spot. – So NOW it’s time to get working. But understand that i'm just one guy; if there were ten guys like me in the club, and I happen to hookup with one of these attractive women, it then means these other nine guys have to bid between the remaining women- and this is assuming she desires the guys as well. Cutting to the chase: basic math would tell you that it’s almost impossible for men to end up with attractive women in clubs. So then does this mean that men aren’t SUPPOSED to be attracted to the women they hook up with? Are we supposed to be hooking up with unattractive women?


Hongik U a hookup paradise for foreign men and Korean women. The Herald Business News (Korean) goes to the scene to report on a disturbing trend at the clubs in front of Hongik University, namely,


Good luck finding a girl with that attitude. You're pretty shallow. And yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as clich as it may sound. I, for an instance, like petite, slim girls because I'm kinda thin for a guy as well. My friend likes more curvy gals (think Kim Kardasian). I often find the girls that make him drool kinda average and vice versa. Tastes differ. You're looking at it awfully black and white. What you may think of as a 10, I might think of as a 6. Sure, there are gorgeous women that almost every guy finds attractive, but that’s a level of beauty you don't encounter a lot anywhere. Also, a girls behaviour matters. I've seen (in my opinion) great looking girls, who turned me off the moment they opened their mouths. So that counts as well. And I don't go to clubs to find a girl. I go to clubs to have fun. I've met my gf's through sports, school, work, and once in a caf. So clubs aren’t necessarily the place to go to find a date. But whatever. You're probably the kind of guy who posts this in hopes of people agreeing with you, instead of considering other possibilities.


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In the same way a minority of women attract the majority of men, only a minority of men attract the majority of women. Such is life.


Brothel, take enough cash and you’ll have endless “girlfriends”


Just tell them straight up you don't want a relationship and if you hook up that's all it’s nothing more, but be up front about it so that way there's no mistaken your intentions.


There is nothing wrong with you. Some guys want something more profound than sex from a girl, and you’re probably one of them. Perhaps you’re interested in getting to know them before you mess around. Or you’re shy. There are lots of girls who aren’t interested in immediately doing the horizontal hula at first sight. Your challenge is to find the right one, and let time and nature take its course.


I can't really answer because I'm not straight, but I read a statistic that said 1/3 women would have sex with another woman. Women are naturally more fluid in their sexuality then men. Men are either straight or gay, women tend to be somewhere in the middle




Not all girls on sites want relationships man, quite the opposite. Also, why are you against a relationship? That’s where you can have sex.


Are you sure they’re trying to pick you up and not just being nice because you’re pregnant?


Dont say anything, send him a picture of your crotch


I think they’re probably too busy not dying..but what do I know?

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